Holiday Swap

I declare a homemade holiday (for as much as is reasonable — I’m pretty sure the boys are going to find Robin Hood under the tree and I am not up for my own animations.)  I’m taking lead from a brilliant friend, who has already instigated a barter between us, and opening up my resources to others.  Regardless of when Paul gets another job, or how lucritive the job may be, I am vowing to stay out of the stores as much as possible this season, and try to put more time and heart into my gifts.

If you have wares you would like to share with our family, let me know, maybe I can make you some hats, or other yarn-related item.  If you don’t make anything yourself, but are still interested, in addition to barter, I do work for cash.  Let’s talk.  Let’s work together.  Let’s share our talents with each other to make this a meaningful instead of commercial holiday.

5 thoughts on “Holiday Swap

  1. Do you have photos of all the yarn related items you make? My friend is having a baby and I have a daughter that needs a scarf. She went through my sock drawer and found some nylons that she wrapped around her self like a scarf. Pretty funny, but we can’t leave the house like that.

    I can do custom orders. I’ll call you probably tomorrow. 🙂 Silly daughter . . .

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