I Think the Boy Loves Me

Last night as I was leaving our enrichment activity for our women’s association, I stopped to say hello to Aiden and his Grandma.  He immediately leaned over for me to hold him, which I gladly accepted.  I chatted his his Grandma and made faces at him, and he smiled gleefully back at me.  Then I told him to have a great sleep and he gave me a look that was nothing if not “you and I both know I don’t care what you think about sleep.”  Hilarious.

It was getting late and I wanted to get home, so I kept leaning him back toward his Grandmother, but he would not let go of me.  I was very touched.  Sometimes during the day we are at odds, and it’s nice to know that he’s still a baby and he forgives me easily.  I especially like knowing that we have a relationship that goes beyond a “working” relationship. 

Today at lunch, amid the chaos of Little Red and Jack pretending to be Spiderman and Batman, Boy Blue trotting along behind, and sweet Ella just trying to get some peace and quiet, I overheard Janel say to Andrea how relaxing it was to come over for lunch every day.  I am so glad that she is so comfortable in my home, and that she appreciates the atmosphere in which her son spends so much time.  I am also happy to have a girlfriend to talk with on a daily basis — no matter what else happens in the day.

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