Super Friends

Little Jack demanded a playdate with Little Red before 9am.  By the time his mother and I were done playing phone tag it was much later, but I was so relieved to have our friends come over!  Hooray!

Once they got their angst out they played SO WELL together.  It was creative and wild and positive and supportive.  Little Red even ran upstairs to change into the same shirt Jack was wearing (a red Star Wars shirt with C3PO and R2D2 featured.)  After lunch they were Spiderman and Jack Batman, respectively.  I especially love that they can be characters they only know from tshirts, socks, and puzzles; they are such great kids!

While playing on the kiddie table Little Red pushed his brother, who fell off, and went straight to time out.  From the corner he called to his cohort, “Jack Batman, SAVE ME!”  I hid my face in the belly of my baby.  I laughed and laughed and laughed.

It was a perfect morning until they tried climbing the dresser, which fell on top of them.  I think they’re okay and will have nothing more than some bruises and a mild sprain, but they could have broken their legs, or worse.  Knowing them, they’d probably have been thrilled at the idea of matching casts.


One thought on “Super Friends

  1. matching casts with Batman and Spiderman drawn on them. I had Jack tell Robert the story and he said, “we were playing life savers and it fell.”

    I think your son makes me laugh almost as frequently as mine!

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