I am thankful for my husband’s family, they are a family to me.  This year, as it is with all of our California holidays, we went down to Paul’s uncle’s in Costa Mesa.  Andrew, Nancee, and Seth came out from Vegas, and Paul’s cousin David was there, too.  As always, it was a perfectly wonderful thanksgiving.

On the topic of gratitude, I’m grateful that Paul’s previous employer chose not to insure family members but employees only.  Now, while Paul and I are tightwalking between coverage, the boys are safely under the umbrella of the insurance they have had for years.  The Healthy Families program in California has been such a blessing to us, and during this time of uncertainty, I’m so glad Robin gave me the head’s up so many years ago.

I know the layoff was very inconviniently timed, but I remain optimistic (despite a few random anxiety attacks), and I am glad that we have the opportunity to move into something better.  Now, if only companies would stop freezing jobs right after Paul interviews …

We’re going to be fine.  I think things are moving more than we know.  I am grateful for all the forces of the universe, and for the love of the Lord, and I am grateful for the peace in my heart that lets me know that we will be fine.

One thought on “Thankful

  1. I love reading your blog. You’re always so optimistic. You’re in my prayers! Also, I wanted to mention, now that Paul’s out of a job, I’m sure you would qualify for Medi-Cal for all of you. Then you could all be insured. We took full advantage of that when we first moved here and I was pregnant. It was such a blessing to us, especially with London having a cleft palate. Her pediatrician told us that we were so lucky to be on Medi-Cal at that time because a lot of the HMOs fight the coverage of the surgery but we didn’t have to pay anything. What a blessing!

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