Tastes Like Christmas

Growing up I spent every other Christmas at Dad’s. During many of those years he was a bachelor, and lived and ate as such. We always had Honey Nut Cheerios for breakfast, Kraft Dinner or sandwitch stuff for lunches, and we usually had supper at a restaurant (White Spot comes to mind but I know we ate […]

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Happy Homemade Holidays

It all started with a swap of some crocheted hats for some embroidered shirts from Little Towheads.  I definitely got the better end of that deal! I was so excited about the prospect of handmade and bartered gifts that it set the tone for my entire holiday. When setting my reservation for our family photos I paid […]

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The Windows of Heaven

We thought for sure we’d have a job by Christmas, but as the holiday approached and we still didn’t have a job we felt the peace of knowing that we’d be okay. The singles ward put themselves in charge of Secret Santa gifts; when asked, I replied that we didn’t need much, if anything, to […]

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Christmas in Las Vegas

It’s their first Christmas without parents, as they can’t go to Utah until the weekend because of their job schedules.  It’s also their first Christmas as parents.  Tomorrow is a pretty big deal for my brother-in-law and his little family, so they have invited us to spend Christmas with them. We originally told them we’d […]

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Moving On

For two weeks he interviewed and they made it sound like a done deal. For two weeks they deliberated, drew it out, and left us hanging.  Half an hour ago they finally sent Paul an email, informing him that they chose to go with the other candidate.  (I think it’s because they could get away […]

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Last Week In Church

Boy Blue sat on my lap, facing the pews behind me.  He chewed on my hair (swallowing only a strand or two, but making a great effort) and sang of his love for “Dada” (Me.)  When he was ready to play with Paul he leaned over and with all the yearning a toddler has, called, “Mama!”  […]

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It’s Thursday.  A week ago Paul had his last interview, and still we know nothing.  We know that when a decision is made we will be informed, so no news doesn’t meant bad news.  It just means we’re still waiting. We’re trying to make the best of things, and we’re keeping ourselves busy.  We made a […]

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No News Is No News

You know how in the scriptures it talks about the people being made stronger so that their burdens felt light?  Christmas came early this year, and that has been my present.  I am so grateful for a gift that has allowed me to focus my energies on making Christmas special for my family instead of […]

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