Party at Mickey’s!

In what world is it actually cheaper and easier to go to Disneyland than it is to have a party?

In mine.

That’s what we did on Monday because I just couldn’t plan a party this year.  We’ve been planning this for months, in fact, Paul had this day off approved back in October.  (Good thing, eh?)

It wasn’t quite at seamlessly perfect as Saturday, but despite Little Red’s carsickness and the unplanned trip to Target for a new wardrobe that caused, and despite loosing his annual pass at the parking stand, we were still in the park by 11am, new clothes, new pass, and ready for the day.  The Freemons were already there, but the sea parts whenever they travel to Dulac, they are even more blessed than we.  We started in California Adventure, hit up the tortilla and sourdough factories for some snacks, then a couple of rides and shows before the planned 1pm meeting in the Bug’s Land with our friends for snacks and Mickey Mouse-shaped cookies.  Janel brought her sister and they each brought their little ones.  Eleas and the boys met us there.  Stacey and Jack were on the Disneyland side waiting for us.  Sometimes we split up for rides, sometimes, as was the case with the newly-retrofitted and reopened “It’s a Small World” ride, we were a party of 14. 

Everyone scoffed when I pulled out my loaf of pb&j sandwitches, but at supper when the hungry preschoolers were snacking on the final slices before our food came, they were believers.  The cookies were also perfectly counted for lunch-time dessert and supper dessert.  I did go home with extra raisins and carrot sticks, but wasn’t surprised that the children chose cookies over carrots.

Paul had made our dinner reservations for 6 pm in Downtown Disney, which with the food, the potty breaks, and the balloon-maker-girl, gave us the perfect amount of time to eat before we returned to Main Street for the fireworks and snow.  As we ate at our favourite restaurant, Naples, we were all well-fed for a very nominal fee (even by my standards!)

Little Red had received cash from his aunt, uncle, and cousins, so he could choose his own gift at the park.  I wanted him to run wild in the Engine-Ears store in California Adventure, but we didn’t make it back that way before the end of the night so he went to the big store in downtown Disney and proudly walked out with a Star Wars gun and some lollipops.  Not my first choice, but he is happy.  I’m learning that he’s not a baby anymore, he’s a big boy with his own ideas.

Once again he had such a blissfully happy day that he could hardly contain himself.  Everything was perfect.  None of the lines for the rides were too long, the children were all amazingly well-behaved, the adults all got along even without all knowing each other in advance.  What a wonderful day!


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