First Date

One of the times we split ranks at Disneyland was for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.  Some in our group were afraid of the ride, and others were eager to go.  Paul and Janel took Little Red, Kyra, and Aiden on Pirates; Jen, Stacey, and I took Logan, Jack and Boy Blue to the Tiki Room; and Eleas and her boys climbed the Swiss Family Robinson Tree (-or whatever it is now called.)

Turns out Little Red and Kyra had ulterior motives for wanting to do the Pirates ride.  As soon as they were on the boat they had their arms around each other, and kept it up for the whole duration of the ride.

They have given us plenty of warning, both of them have announced that when they grow up they’re getting married.  As parents we may be partially to blame as well, they were each other’s first sleepover already (last year when Boy Blue was born.)  Frankly, I couldn’t be happier — how great to know I already love my future in-laws!

Kyra is a good girl, though, and not getting overly committal.  When they joined up with us in line for It’s a Small World she was sure to get her cuddles in with Jack.

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