C is for Cookie

Little Red came down with a sudden and severe cold on Saturday evening right as we were about to leave for the ward Christmas party.  We sent Paul and Boy Blue, and we stayed home to rest.  At bedtime, when he was starting to feel a little more like himself he had a meltdown because he realized that he had missed Santa Claus.  We promised him on Monday we would take him to the mall to see Santa.

We were the only ones in line so we had a leisurely visit with the jolly old man, and when it came time to share his wish he surprised us.  I expected him to ask for the Banshee, a licensed Cars toy that he has been coveting.  Instead he asked for a gingerbread house.

I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised, I have been coveting the Gingerbread Architect book.  There is definitely a theme here.  We looooove all things cookies.


2 thoughts on “C is for Cookie

  1. How cute! I’ve been meaning to make gingerbread houses too. I’ve also been meaning to have the kids write letters to Santa (still have to get through 2 birthdays before my mind can wrap around xmas! Hopefully we’ll get a 2-for-1 and have BOTH birthdays tomorrow!). Whenever we go to see Santa at the mall the kids are terrified of him. I don’t think we even went last year. Maybe I should brave it this year and see if they like him!

  2. I loved making gingerbread houses when I was young, but haven’t ventured into doing it with the kids.

    Glad your little guy is feeling better. We missed you on Saturday.

    Nice snow!!

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