Trying So Hard to be Patient

It has been two months and three days since Paul was laid off. He’s had interview after interview; many of the jobs for which he has interviewed were subsequently frozen. The out-of-state job search has not been very fruitful as most employers are choosing to employ their out-of-work neighbours instead of someone from across the country.  I certainly don’t blame them.  

Lately we’ve had a couple of really promising local leads. He interviewed with one company, and the man interviewing him liked him so much he thought he was better suited for a better job in a different division. The man with whom he needs to interview for that job is really interested in Paul, but so consumed with end-of-the-year affairs that he doesn’t yet have the time to interview Paul.

In the meantime Paul has been interviewing with another company. He did well on the preliminary screenings and met with someone in person a week and a half ago. She basically closed the interview as a done deal, saying that Christine (the liason/recruiter with whom he’d been working all this time) would contact him regarding salary and benefits. Paul dutifully waited a day and sent a follow-up email, to which Christine responded, equally as positive, that they were just waiting for some executives to meet and finalize things.

On Monday morning Christine called again, saying that it was just down to Paul and another person and that the team would be making their decision that day. Still Christine sounded very encouraging and positive, and seemed to really like Paul (though she, herself, is not the decision maker we still took this as a good sign.) On Monday evening she called back and said that it turns out that the VP who normally approves all these types of hires is going to be in California after all and will meet with Paul on Thursday. She even made a point of telling Paul that he has been known to hire on the spot before.

I didn’t think Thursday would ever come, but I did pin it in my mind as a day of closure; either we’d get the job or we wouldn’t, but at least we’d know.

Paul had a hard time reading the VP, and was slightly distracted that he had driven the 50 miles to Newport and had forgotten his wallet. I was driving down with the boys to drop it off so he didn’t have to drive home without, but it was just one more stressor and distractor. In the interview he insisted that while he didn’t have any payroll experience that he was a fast learner, and that the HR experience he does have would be the bulk of his work in the new job. (The downside to that specialized experience is that it was only a year.)

He said we’d know on Friday or Monday, and we didn’t find out yesterday. The process of looking for a job is such a demeaning one. We’re trying to stay positive and optimistic, but I’ve got to be honest, I think my coping mechanism for this weekend will be movies, food, and making snowflakes (both the paper and the crochet varieties.)

Oh yes, and plumbing, that sink is backed up again.


5 thoughts on “Trying So Hard to be Patient

  1. Oh, Heather. I hope good news comes this week. You’re in my prayers! I remember when Taylor was interviewing for his job here in San Diego, having to come back a number of times for interviews, each of which we were sure he would be offered the job. Finally he was but I do remember the stress of him coming home after about three interviews and still not knowing. So good luck!

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