No News Is No News

You know how in the scriptures it talks about the people being made stronger so that their burdens felt light?  Christmas came early this year, and that has been my present.  I am so grateful for a gift that has allowed me to focus my energies on making Christmas special for my family instead of sitting on my thumbs in worry.  I have been busying myself with the boys, the holidays, the homemade gifts, the new traditions.  I can truly say that I have been happy during the past few weeks, most particularly the past few days, when my anxiety should have been at its highest.

Today Paul sat vigil by the phone all day, waiting for the phone call that I somehow knew wasn’t coming.  Finally at 4:30 I suggested that he email Christine and ask her if he should expect a call even if he does not get the job.  (Turns out I was wrong about Christine, she is not the recruiter, she is part of the legal counsel and would actually be the person to whom Paul would report.)  She wrote back within the hour, frustrated that things have been so slow.  She was at a hearing in New Hampshire and wouldn’t be able to follow up until Wednesday.  

Where does this leave us?  Still in limbo, I guess.  I’m starting to question whether we really want to work for a company that seems so poor in the internal communication, but I have to admit that at this point I feel like any job is a paycheck.  Well, whatever the news, whatever the future, tomorrow we have preschool, presents, projects, and the regular routine of feeding and sleeping and playing.  We’re going to be okay.

2 thoughts on “No News Is No News

  1. Bummer on not hearing about the job. We’re the same with the job, it might not be ideal, but it’s a paycheck so we’ll take anything at this point. I hope your answer comes soon! We need to disband this club, darn it!!! 🙂
    Great job staying busy! I haven’t been doing that enough and it just leads to more worry!

  2. This is such a normal practice in recruiting that I wouldn’t write off any company for this alone. If you did, you’d be writing off probably 99 percent of companies. There may well be other “red flags” for you here…I’m just saying. There are so many hurdles to hiring even without this economy and this time of year to contend with. I’ll bet the person with a position to fill is just as frustrated.

    You’re quite right. They wanted someone to start two weeks ago already.

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