It’s Thursday.  A week ago Paul had his last interview, and still we know nothing.  We know that when a decision is made we will be informed, so no news doesn’t meant bad news.  It just means we’re still waiting.

We’re trying to make the best of things, and we’re keeping ourselves busy.  We made a trip to Disneyland yesterday to meet up with some of my friends from high school.  It was windy and rainy so not very crowded at all!  Hooray!  Our Daytime Brother stayed with his grandparents, as they were nervous about the winter storm, so it was just a family outing.  It was a welcome distraction from our lives (but it is very strange for me whenever I am out during the week without my #3.)

Today I feel a bit anxious.  It’s hard to not count time.  It’s hard to ignore that tomorrow will mark the end of the tenth week.  It’s hard to give people answers about our plans for Christmas when we have no idea whether we’ll be working or not.  It’s hard to find a balance between the reality of our economics and still providing normalcy and seasonal magic for the boys.  (Little Red’s biting is getting worse, and I’m convinced is a reaction to stress.)  It’s a week from Christmas and our big gift for the boys is still a collection of material in my sewing box.  I hope to get that finished this weekend, I’m running out of time.

We have been so blessed by so many people.  We have been supported in many ways.  It seems disloyal to give in to the anxiety, unfair to those who have given us so much.  I think I could use a good nap, or at the very least a good naptime (wherein all three boys nap simultaneously.)  I would settle for a real phone call.

Who am I kidding?  The right phone call would fix everything. 

Russ asked me yesterday when our spouses were plummeting in the Tower of Terror how everything was going.  It occurred to me, that apart from this pesky unemployment thing life is pretty close to perfect.  I guess this is what I get for having such a wonderful life.  I can be patient yet, I have so many blessings.

One thought on “Thursday

  1. Well, hang in there. The stress issue will resolve itself and soon enough you will look back on this time and not remember half of it. (I know, because I just read through my old journals from 10 years ago when something similar was happening at our house, and The Boy was a toddler. I did not write enough about him at the time, and I am regretting it now! I wish I had more to read. Just think how much luckier you will be when the time comes.)

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