Happy Homemade Holidays

It all started with a swap of some crocheted hats for some embroidered shirts from Little Towheads.  I definitely got the better end of that deal!

three hats

Towheads Shirts

I was so excited about the prospect of handmade and bartered gifts that it set the tone for my entire holiday.

When setting my reservation for our family photos I paid more than 50% upfront.  When the balance came due I made some gifts for an upcoming babyshower Ashley had to attend in exchange for the photos.  She purchased the dress, and I made the cardigan, hat and headband to match.

Ashley Set

The grandparents and great grandparents all received prints of our photos for Christmas, but we also made special gifts for the grandparents.  Using the children’s artwork I made fridge magnets.


I also did a set for Paul.  I had Little Red paint directly on the stone.  I think the painted ones are my favourite — what a neat effect!

Painted Magnets

And using a trick I learned in my pedagogy classes we made our own gift boxes out of old cards.  For the smaller boxes the cards looked perfect.  For larger boxes I used the inside of the cards, and had the boys paint them.

painted boxes

We made it a white Christmas by making paper snowflakes for the windows,


and crocheted snowflakes as gifts.

2008 Snowflake

We also made family ornaments, P is for Phamily, of course!  D is for Daddy, M is for Mummy.  R is for Little Red, O is for BOy Blue, and A is for DAytime Brother — Aiden of course!  An idea I borrowed from Dana.

Family Ornaments

We followed Advent with a candle instead of chocolates, a tradition I plan to keep for ever!

Advent Candle

Finally, la piece de resistance: I made the boys’ Superhero Capes.  Each is reversible with a superhero on one side (Batman and Superman) and I created symbols on the other side for when they want to be their Super Selves.  (Remember: R is for Little Red, and O is for BOy Blue.)


Making Christmas this year made my Christmas.  Next year I’m starting earlier, and am going to try to make more.  It really brought the spirit to me, and made this my most fun Christmas.

4 thoughts on “Happy Homemade Holidays

  1. Oh Heather, you can’t honestly say that I gave you the idea for the homemade christmas. You came up with SO many more ideas. Some TERRIFIC ideas! Love the magnets! The Crocheted Snowflakes are awesome, and the superhero capes turned out beautifully! I think I’m gonna use a couple of these ideas in our house next year!

  2. That is So awesome! I love all of it! Great idea!! My only question is how did you keep your little ones at bay long enough to do all that craft/sewing work? I love to sew, but finding uninterrupted time is something of a mystery to me! Well done my friend.

    Thank you! What made things work is that I only had one “secret” project — the capes. I started a month in advance and did all my sewing after bedtime. I had to move my bedtime to much later than normal, but it was worth it! The other things I could pick up and do during short periods throughout the day without worry of the children seeing. Also, the capes were the only thing that required getting out and setting up the sewing machine.

  3. Wow and WOW! You were busy and I’m so very impressed with your creative way of making Christmas happen. All your creations are beautiful. I love your take on A, B, C ornaments :). Turned out great!
    And those superhero capes???? Are you kidding me??? Adorable.
    Merry Christmas!

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