This is NOT how I planned my week off…

We took a short, last minute, trip to Las Vegas to spend Christmas with Andrew, Nancee, and Seth.  We drove out Wednesday, returned Friday.  It was perfect.  We didn’t turn on a computer, we didn’t really use the phones, we just hung out with our two little families and enjoyed each other’s company (and a lot of food!)

(For those who are keeping track, this was my third trip to Las Vegas.  On Christmas Day we decided to go up to the strip and watch the Bellagio fountains.  We pulled up to the valet (it’s free, you know, and so much more convinient) just before 6pm, and unloaded.  As we approached the best spot to watch the show (only a few feet from our sitting cars) they announced that due to the weather there would be no fountain show.  It was raining a little, and windy more, and that was enough.  So we immediately got our keys from the valets and hopped into our cars which hadn’t yet even been moved, and we took off to the Venetian to walk around the Grand Canal.  In the process of wandering around we found a fantastic vantage point for the Mirage volcano.  Both Paul and Andrew checked the website from their phones and confirmed that after 6pm the volcano erupts every 15 minutes.  We waited 45.  We saw nothing.  We left.)

Christmas was beautiful and relaxing.  We were touched by all the brothers who weren’t on the schedule to shop for us this year who did, and touched by the generosity of so many friends and family members. 

Saturday felt like any other vacation day; we spent the day together as a family and we went to Aiden’s birthday party.  (He’s ONE!!!)  Quick note on the fun party, here’s a short conversation Jen shared with me later:

random party guests, probably family members with regard to me while I get watered-down juice for my and Jennifer’s children: Wow, that woman should have ten children!

Jen, overhearing, responds: well, she is the oldest of nine.

Thankyouverymuch, I have done my time in a large family.  Mission completion.

Sunday was equally calm and peaceful, until Boy Blue started vomitting on Sunday night.  And all night.  And all day on Monday, when the squirts started, too.  And Tuesday, when we checked with the doctor who told us she had just had the same thing go through her family, and to not get worried unless the vomitting continued to be severe ater 72 hours.  She predicted (correctly) that he would improve last night, or today at the latest, and he has now been keeping his food down for nearly 24 hours.  But he’s still tired, and does still have the squirts (although, less.)  And I got it, now.  Hooray.  I spent all day with him on the couch changing positions between naps, which wouldn’t be so bad if I hadn’t been holding him all day and sleeping all night with him on the couch since Sunday night.

I am tired of the couch.

And if I am in bed during my whole week off, I’m going to be pretty mad.  Little Red is tired of watching movies and frustrated at all the cancelled playdates.  He beeeegggggs for someone to play with him, or to take him to a friend’s.  I had a lot of things planned for this week.  This was not on the list.  We have already had our annual illnesses, this is one bonus we’d rather not have.

Little Red and Paul are not yet sick, but I know they’re both going to get it.  How can they not?  Our entire downstairs smells like vomit — I’m not going to rent a steamer until I know that no one else is going to throw up on the carpet.  So basically I think we’re going to be sick straight through to Monday.

I guess it’s better than being sick with a stomac bug next week, with Aiden in the recipe.  (even though we got this from Aiden’s cousin at the party …)

I’m sick of the couch and I’m sick of sleeping.  I’m surviving on Pepto Bismol, Pedialyte Pops, and crackers.  Happy New Year.  2009 better be better than this.  I’m willing to compromise, though, and I’ll take increased illness in exchange for a job.  I’ll take something, anything.  But the cosmos had better get us a job soon or I’m going to lose it all.

One thought on “This is NOT how I planned my week off…

  1. Your poor boy- that is a bummer when the kids get sick.

    vegas sounded fun- last time I was there Kev proposed to me in front of the Bellagio fountains funny huh?

    Hope you have a great New Years. Kev took Beau to his parents and I am trying to get through the night while Paige is watching a video. Love April

    I’m sorry the boys and the girls split up for New Year’s Eve!

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