This is Life

Two Saturdays ago my in-laws were passing through town on their way to their first ever cruise.  Unfortunately both of my boys were vomitting so I ordered Paul to take his parents out of the apartment for breakfast so we didn’t share our germs with them right before they boarded their cruise.  Last weekend, after their […]

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This Magic Moment

Every trip to Disneyland has at least one magic moment for our family. Today, despite several snafus, we had two magic moments, both small, but both special. As it was raining, we hit up as many indoor events as possible. We went to see “Talk to Crush,” always a favourite for us. Little Red always […]

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In My Spare Time

After only a year of deliberation I finally took the plunge and opened an Etsy store.  I’m a big scaredycat and needed ABQ to hold my hand through the registration process.  The process is not hard, but making it official that you want validation and sales is nothing short of terrifying.  (Even though I know […]

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Two new friendships begun Several old friendships renewed for another week A bulk order of butterflies A napping toddler and chatty preschooler Dinner with friends A perfect day? about as close as it gets

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A Pair Betrothed

Periodically, Little Red talks about his upcoming marriage to Kyra. Talk had been quiet for a while, but recently he’s brought up the topic again. Yesterday in the car he asked despondantly, “Mummy, but who will I marry?” I explained that when he grew up he could choose whom he would marry, that it was […]

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New Olympic Sport

Fortunately, A.M. yoga is a very simple practice and requires me to be fairly stationary. This morning Boy Blue sat on my chest while I started in Relaxation Pose and then moved through the leg poses. Sometimes he slid forward and I thought his 22 pounds would strangle me, sitting on my neck. Sometimes he remained […]

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A Thank You Note

To my secret friend, you, who left a bag beside our car today.  Thank you.  We love fresh fruit.  We love organic short grain brown rice.  We love all-natural dark chocolate with almonds.  Our favourite wipes are those from Costco.  Thank you.  Thank you for your thoughtfulness and your generosity.  Thank you for following inspiration […]

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Saturday Morning

We went to the neighbourhood park. The sun was shining and it was 75 degrees. We were pleasantly surprised to discover that the antique playscape had been replaced by three different structures (for different age groups) including multiple slides and rock walls. My intrepid explorer climbed things designed for children three times his age.  We […]

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