I Think It’s Time to Learn to Suck My Thumb

I don’t even care that you are laughing at me right now. I’ve known from the beginning that Little Red’s immune system is so great because he sucks his thumb, but this year has highlighted it even more than before.

When Boy Blue was sick in November/December for two whole weeks (at least) with the nursery cold, Little Red was only sick for two days. Last week when Boy Blue, and then me, and then Paul got sick with a 5-day stomac virus Little Red ate, if possible, more than before. I think the stomac bug is finally gone. Boy Blue, however, has a boogey nose, Paul is congested, and I have a sore throat and body aches.

Little Red aches, too. He aches for his friends.

The only way to ease his pain is to be more like him, healthier. I need to such my thumb. I care nothing for social propriety at this point.

* * *

But new habits are hard to start!!!
Maybe I should just take more vitamin C and start napping again.

One thought on “I Think It’s Time to Learn to Suck My Thumb

  1. there might be something to that theory. i was a prolific thumb sucker as a munchkin. it’s only as an adult i’ve been sickly. hmmm.

    maybe if you dipped your thumb in ice cream it would make for an easier transition. c’mon mia, SUCK UP! lol

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