Six Under Six

Once upon a time (earlier today) two little cuties were dropped off at their friend’s to play while their mother took off to meet some friends in Vegas. (If she gets lucky, she owes the babysitter a cut, but I digress…) The baby was a little sad to see his mother go, and was comforted with cuddles, toys, grapes, and a passa-passer. It wasn’t long before he had climbed off the couch and embarked on the adventures of the day. The pacifer was lost for an hour and a half, but found, eventually, and never needed again. The children played happily with nearly every toy in the house.


(11 am)

While at preschool, the oldest son fell ill, and without being able to get hold of the parents, the preschool teachers called his emergency contact, the same woman watching his siblings. Her husband watched the brood while she hopped over to pick up the boy who was clearly not himself, but definitely well enough to play with all the kids.

All six children played well together, and ate their food. The babies went down for naps (easily!) and the older ones watched Peter Pan for quiet time after everyone had a potty break (even though the Princess announced that she only goes potty at her house.) When quiet time was over they ate and played some more.

ring ring ring — did you hear that?  That was all three children earning their wings.


(***I am slightly dissappointed, however.  There were two baskets left undumped by the end of the day.)


6 thoughts on “Six Under Six

  1. Wow! 6 kids! I had 5 under 6 yesterday (but just for 4 hours). I let them have the house and I mostly just hid. And they DID find EVERY bucket of toys that could possibly be toppled haha

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