First Wheels

Actually, my in-laws bought the bike for him for his birthday, back in November. The one they ordered was too big for him and the process of returning the bike and getting the smaller one shipped out took all the way to this Thursday. No matter, now we have it.

It’s a glider bike, without pedals, which is supposedly best for teaching children balance so that they’ll never need training wheels. The nerd in me just keeps looking at this thing and thinking, so genius! So simple! So cool!

Little Red agrees -not about the brilliance of the design, but that having a bike is cool. Today it was 75 degrees and he biked to the park. Today was a perfect day.

2 thoughts on “First Wheels



    i don’t know why but a first bike always reminds me of the first taste of freedom. maybe because you can do it all by yourself and get from point a to point b more quickly. and if you’re naughty, and i was, the boundary lines always magically disappeared.

    that’s a pretty sweet bike.

  2. so, how does it work without pedals? Do you just have to always be going downhill? It is a cool idea though!

    Think: Flintstones, skateboards, and Razor scooters.

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