New Olympic Sport

Fortunately, A.M. yoga is a very simple practice and requires me to be fairly stationary. This morning Boy Blue sat on my chest while I started in Relaxation Pose and then moved through the leg poses. Sometimes he slid forward and I thought his 22 pounds would strangle me, sitting on my neck. Sometimes he remained on my chest, but leaned forward, and I struggled to find an air pocket for my breath. Other times I had to add extra focus to keep balance with a little man dancing on my stomac while I twisted to the side.

He did not approve of the standing poses, but when I got down for Cat’s Pose he rode on my back like a pony.  He was also helpful in providing extra resistance for Cobra Pose.

He finished the practice by surfing my extended leg in Sage Pose and Twisted Sage Pose, finally pulling and eating my hair while I sat in Seated Meditation.

I kept focus, mostly. I definitely need more training before I go to the Olympics for Yoga with Babies, but I’d say today I earned a 7.5. All in all, I’m still better off than if I had not started my day with yoga.

6 thoughts on “New Olympic Sport

  1. i would have liked to have been a fly on the wall. i’m trying to conjure up the images of this in my head but am falling short. i’m pretty sure they are images i’d like to conjure.

    maybe you could change some of the poses names. you know “real name + with baby strangling mama.”


  2. I’ve never done yoga, but I have plenty of experience doing Pilates with a child sitting on me. Let me tell you, it’s very, very hard to do crunch-like motions with a child on your abdomen. But they also like to do some of the moves with me. Aiden is especially good at The 100 and Dallin particularly loves Rolling Like A Ball. 🙂

  3. OK, you are all better moms than I am. I choose to do such things when there are no children around, which is why I never DO such things.

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