A Pair Betrothed

Periodically, Little Red talks about his upcoming marriage to Kyra. Talk had been quiet for a while, but recently he’s brought up the topic again. Yesterday in the car he asked despondantly, “Mummy, but who will I marry?”

I explained that when he grew up he could choose whom he would marry, that it was all up to him. It didn’t take him long to reply “I would like to marry Kyra.” So I explained that when he and Kyra were all grown up if they wanted to, they could get married.

Not three hours later Kyra was over and Little Red asked, “Kyra, do you want to get married to me?” (Of course she answered yes.) I had a great time telling Jen when she came to pick up the kids that her four year old daughter has had her first marriage proposal!

4 thoughts on “A Pair Betrothed

  1. That is so cute. When he is older and he really wants to propose to someone, I bet he’ll be wishing it was this easy. :O)

  2. At least it was Reed who asked her!! We had a friend of Kate’s over a few weeks ago and she asked him to marry her! She was completely serious and says, “Graham, let’s go get married.” I guess she didn’t even ask did she! She just demanded! He had no idea what she meant! I was laughing so hard when I told his mom that Kate wanted to marry him!!!

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