This Magic Moment

Every trip to Disneyland has at least one magic moment for our family. Today, despite several snafus, we had two magic moments, both small, but both special.

As it was raining, we hit up as many indoor events as possible. We went to see “Talk to Crush,” always a favourite for us. Little Red always prepares a question in case he gets a chance to ask Crush. His question for last time was “have you ever been to Canada?” but he has never been able to ask Crush his questions. Today there was another little boy with the same name as him who got to talk to Crush, whom Crush called Rockin’ Little Red, which Little Red thought was fairly cool, but then he got to talk to Crush. Crush called him Righteous Little Red. His question? Not Canada. He asked, “do you know Bruce?”

We were still feeling a little snacky after lunch so we headed over for the Sourdough Bread Factory tour and the Mission Tortilla Factory tour (-both of which provide such delicious samples!) After going through the sourdough tour and watching the bakers package up the bread for the restaurant, one of them called Little Red around the corner and gave him a Mickey Mouse bread.

We had so many reasons to not go today, but we decided to go because we needed something to look forward to during a very trying week. I’m so glad we did. It was a nice break from a lot of craziness.

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