This is Life

Two Saturdays ago my in-laws were passing through town on their way to their first ever cruise.  Unfortunately both of my boys were vomitting so I ordered Paul to take his parents out of the apartment for breakfast so we didn’t share our germs with them right before they boarded their cruise.  Last weekend, after their cruise, we were able to visit with them as we were no longer sick.

While at the  museum, Boy Blue slipped and did his best to break his ankle, so Little Red had a grand time visiting with his grandparents and hanging out at their hotel while my husband and I got to know urgent care and radiology a little better.  (as a side note, the museum is great, but guest services was a monkey show, not even giving us ice until the sherrif showed up to take our report.  The paramedics he called were faster than the manager of guest services.  And we ended up with four paramedics!  Too bad the little guy was feeling so poorly because the coolness of that many firefighters would have made his day.)

Saturday night at dinner I walked around with him while we waited for our very slow meal.  As we stood in the lobby of the hotel bar listening to the jazz trio he snuggled close to me and sang along.  This is it, I thought.  This is life.  Life is a series of perfect moments with fillers to take us from one perfect moment to another.  I have been all over the place these days, elated by the validation my business is providing, anxious by the lack of positive news on economic fronts, but what I need to remember is all those perfect moments.


5 thoughts on “This is Life

  1. so, what’s the word on the ankle? did he get a splint? an eyepatch? you left out so much. 😦

    keep collecting perfect moments.

  2. Sometimes its hard to notice those perfect moments when there is so much hectic stuff in between, thank you for reminding me that is what I should be looking for.

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