It’s My Blirthday

Today marks the end of my fourth year of blogging, so even thought tomorrow is the BlirthDAY, I’ve chosen to celebrate today.  Tomorrow’s celebration is all about Paul.  (No, he didn’t get a job — it’s Valentine’s Day, silly!)

It’s funny to think that I started blogging when I didn’t know any bloggers and I did it to process my birth story for myself, as I had basically stopped journalling when I got married.  My subject matter, tone, style, venue, and distractions have changed so much since then, and I am still blogging.  I’m glad I finally found a journalling option that works with my busy lifestyle.  I’m glad I blog.

For the record, I’m glad you blog, too.  Having friends who comment (and support!) has been such a fun feature over the years!


5 Responses to It’s My Blirthday

  1. feathersky says:

    I’m glad you’re blogging too! I would have never met you if you weren’t blogging! (um…using the word “met” very loosely haha)
    I love reading your posts and keeping up with you! Keep up the blogging!

  2. Karen says:

    Happy Blirthday, my first blog friend.

  3. alyson says:

    Happy Blirthday to you. I’m glad you blog too.

  4. mcinsane says:

    I’m glad you blog too! That is how I have gotten to know you, and I need you to know that I count you as a friend!! Thanks for being a constant inspiration to me! Keep blogging away…for my benefit, if for no other reason! 😉

  5. Allison says:

    I’m glad you blog too. Happy Birthday.

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