We picked up Paul from the airport (he had been in Detroit for a few days) and went straight to Disneyland.

It was the first non-rainy trip to Disneyland we’ve made in over two months. It was, in fact, a perfect day.
Boy Blue and I both shared our first-ever ride on Autopia.  I let him drive and I ws in charge of the gas.  He is one crazy driver!  The little guy had us going all over the place and he could not control his maniacal laughter.  Yesterday was one of those days when everything just works, but Autopia was definitely my favourite of all the great things we did!  At the end, Paul took Little Red on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad while I stayed by the water with a sleeping baby. Big Thunder Mountain had been Paul’s favourite as a child and Little Red was finally tall enough. They both had a great time.

I watched the lights on the water. Lights on water always make me think of Hawaii. It was a very happy and peaceful way to say goodbye to a (nother) perfect day at Disneyland.  YAY!  We need more good days!
21209_18-small-file1 21209_19-small-file1

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