A Daily Dose of Comedy

Little Red, he just cracks me up! He hears everything, and he remembers everything.

He began the week by calling me “M-Lady.” In the middle of the week it became “My Woman.” This morning it morphed into “My Dear.”

Every day he wears his supercape, but never as Batman. On a daily basis, as we are playing, he finds someone (or something) in need of rescuing and he dashes off to find his cape. My hero. I’m so glad that the capes are having the desired effect: the Batman/Superman sides were to get their attention, but now that the boys have discovered their superselves they are never, ever the licensed superheroes.

Yesterday afternoon, while hanging out at Jen’s with some friends, I walked into the most amazing sight in the living room.  Little Red, all dressed up as a Pirate Captain, and Kyra, in her flapper dress, were facing each other, holding hands.  Hannah, in a princess costume, was standing perpendicular to them, between then, and mumbling.  I ran to the kitchen to get the Jens and ask if they saw what I thought I saw.  Sure enough, as we returned to the living room we heard Hannah say “marriage marriage” and shortly thereafter, “you may now kiss the bride.”  (They didn’t!)  They broke it up as soon as they realized they had an audience and Hannah went to the piano while Little Red and Kyra danced their first dance. 

Last night as we were socializing after our Primary Leadership Meeting Little Red’s previous teacher, Alina, told me how much she missed having him in class, that he always knew the answers, and that he was always the most obedient and reverent. His current teacher, Vicky, echoed Alina’s behavioural assessment and said she often will ask the class, “I know Little Red knows the answer, but does anyone else?” (Not unlike my experiences in primary.)

He is reading many words and recognizing most phonemes. We started spelling words to talk around him years ago because the boy hears e-ve-ry-thing. On Saturday night Paul and I were discussing what to do for V-Day/dessert and we suggested P-I-E (Marie Callender’s is just across the street and having a pie sale this month.) Little Red immediately popped up from playing and said, “PIE?!? I love pie! Let’s get pie!” Where do you go after spelling? I could speak French and Paul Italian but that’s not so helpful as we don’t speak each other’s languages, and the little man would surely pick up the language before it was even beneficial.

Every day is fascinating with him, and every day he does something that leaves me in stitches.

2 thoughts on “A Daily Dose of Comedy

  1. The funny part comes when people who don’t know you spell things in front of him and he answers them.

    Oh that sounds fun! I look forward to that! 🙂

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