One Step Behind the Children

On Friday I had a blog post in mind about my little guy, but decided to postpone the post because I had just written about his brother and don’t really have it in me (ie: not allowed in the computer that much!) to do two posts in one busy day. It was all about this amazing physical self-awareness he has. It started before he was sick, stopped during the nastiness of January, and has just re-started.

And then during the business of Friday it was blown out of the water, and once again Paul and I are on the side of reluctant parenting, wherein the children tell us they’re ready for things we weren’t ready to do.

Let me explain: a couple of times a week the little guy would try to pull down his pants and diaper (the diaper only getting partly down his hips and causing quite a sight!) which made me ask, “do you need to go potty?” He would answer affirmatively and I would take him to the bathroom, strip him down, stand him on the stool, and let him pee on the stool in front of the toilet. He had already figured out that he was a boy so sitting down was not an option, but can’t quite get it in the bowl — he isn’t even two years old yet.  He’d then dump a third of a roll of toilet paper in the bowl, and flush.  Did I mention that he demands privacy?  He expells everyone from the room and asks the door to be shut before he does any of this, and we are not allowed to return until he is done.  (I now keep the toilet paper in the cabinet instead of on the roll holder.  He’ll find it eventually, but it has slowed the speed at which we’ve gone through toilet paper.)

He would do it once or twice a week, but not every week, until Friday, when he did it three times. And Saturday he even pooed. And he’s already had a potty trip this morning.

I always said that my powder room is cleanest when someone is potty training because I’m cleaning it several times a day. The two year old stool is just as clean and white as it was the day we took it home from IKEA. Paul and I are not quite sure how to feel about things. I mean, on the one hand Boy Blue went poo in the bathroom, and that’s cool. On the other hand, he isn’t even two years old, and this has really caught us by surprise. And I think of so many of my friends for whom potty training has been such an ordeal, and I wonder if it’s genetics or something? Is my family just more clued into their digestion than other people? Once the scientists find a cure for cancer, they should look for a potty training gene. I wonder if I could get money for that . . . ?

8 thoughts on “One Step Behind the Children

  1. oh wow – what I wouldn’t give…. we are STILL trying to get Jacob to use the toilet consistently and I think I have tried just about everything there is to try….

  2. Oh, the jealousy sets in. Maybe it’s because he’s a 2nd child and he watches his brother. I can only hope this 2nd child will be easier than the first in that respect.

  3. Emmy did that at 16 months and still does it. I need to just do it but i am not sure if i am ready for it. I totally understand your feelings 🙂

  4. Jenacy basically did that. She just up and decided that she wasn’t going to wear diapers anymore! She still had accidents, but she really tried hard. She was just over 2 years old. maybe its a 2nd child thing.

    But–YAY! You’re almost a diaper free mom!!!!! (well, except for Aiden)

  5. My mom talks about how my oldest sister potty trained my older brother. Lots of modeling and cheering on and such. I definitely noticed that it was easier to potty train my second, but who knows what the baby will do when it’s time! Congrats though…

  6. Dang,girl. I need some of that gene pumped into Dallin. He’s getting closer and closer to 4 without any sign of potty training!! It’s driving me batty!!!

    I know lots and lots of people who’s kids just kind of decide at a really early age that they want to potty train. I’d like to know how I missed putting that request in when I had my kids. 🙂

  7. Hey heather, got your comment on my blog- Thank you for your kind words 🙂 So, here I am checkin out the scene on your blog! What a funny post and wouldn’t you know I ‘m dealing with THEE SAME EXACT THING w/ my almost 2 yr old Maddux!! ok, SEROUSLY. I pulled out the potty chair thinking I will slowly acclimate him to the mere idea of going potty, thinking when I would be the one to initiate it, on my terms, etc. SHAAA, no. The kid runs diaper-less all day long and sprints to the potty chair, barely makes it in time, but does…thank goodness… then we go dump it into the real toilet, say goodbye waving vigorously, and flush. “TA-DA!” When he does have an accident, I try to stick a diaper on him but wouldn’t you know he’s in there jammin out to Barney WITHOUT the diaper on. Sneaky lil stinkpot! Then theres the times he is fully clothed and diapered up, only to yank down his pants n diaper half way saying “potty!” and wouldn’t ya know, the daiper had been on for an hour and was dry as a bone. It’s all a little confusing b/c, like u said, he’s not even 2 and WANTS to get the hang of it!!! how funny that we have this same issue! i’m gonna blog about this soon, i’m just gathering all the random pics that will accompany it! LOL. good to hear from you and we’ll stay in touch now in the bloggy world. yea us!

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