Provident Living

Do you know what it feels like to be a member of a church that regularly preaches self-sufficiency and emergency preparedness while you are receiving assistance?  Every Sunday at least one person makes a comment about having enough money put aside and having enough food put aside.  I agree, it is important.

It’s really hard to think back on our life.  When employed we were hardly making ends meet, but we were trying, and we certainly were not living an extravagant life at the expense of putting away for a rainy day.  It’s hard to not feel like a failure every Sunday when we hear those comments and know that we have not been standing on our own feet for quite a while.

It’s more than humbling.  It’s crushing.

8 thoughts on “Provident Living

  1. I sometimes feel that way about food storage. I do the best I can, but I honestly don’t have room for all of my stuff in my apartment. How can I fit food storage? You can’t do more than you can. And, by the way, I want to hand it to you for staying home with your children. What a great example you are to so many! One of these days soon I’m heading over to your etsy shop to buy. I just have to figure out what London will really wear!

  2. It would be crushing. But you know you’ve done the right thing by yourselves and others in the past – and now. People making these comments, it seems to me, are lacking compassion and sensitivity. I really do feel for you.

  3. SH and I have had the same feelings in the past when we needed help. We asked our bishop about it and he stated that he knew we were doing our best. That is all we are asked, and if we do that then we have every right to expect help when we need it. Being self sufficient is important, but it is also important to be humble enough to ask when it is necessary.

    Just remember to do your best. No one can ask for more than that.

  4. To everything there is a season. Someday all the ends will be met and you’ll be able to put away for a rainy day. And you’ll be smart enough not to flaunt your good fortune in front of those who are still trying to make ends meet. Actually, knowing you, you’ll be the one helping them make their ends meet.

  5. I feel exactly the same way! My bishop just called and asked if we needed another food order. I feel so horrible asking for help when I know there are others worse off than we are. Yet, there he is, telling me that he is going to drop one by for us to use when we need. I feel like the further along in life we have gotten, and the more we have tried to become self-sufficient, the more dependant on the help of others we have become. My only hope for you and me alike is that someday, we will be able to help others with out batting a financial eye. I am very grateful for all that I have received, I just hope that I don’t NEED to receive it for much longer! Keep your chin up! I’m right there with you!

  6. Self-sufficiency is a positive message and something many people need to be taught, or to have reinforced. But you know your case is not one of improvidence. It’s not like you spent all your money on flashy cars and big-screen TVs. Others know it too. If anyone is making pointed comments (as opposed to just speaking insensitively, which we are all capable of from time to time), then, well, I just wonder what the heck do they bother going to church for?

    You’ve done your best (and it’s a darn good best at that!), and you are about to turn the corner. As others have said, one day you will be the one giving those that deserve it a helping hand — and NOT making any comments about provident living!

  7. there’s more than one way to be self-sufficient and it ain’t all about money and “collected items” emergency preparedness.

    i’d venture to guess you are a heavy hitter where it counts– and that’s everything to do with the human spirit.

    besides, the worm is turning. i can just feel it…

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