The Audacity of Hope

During one of our previous job searches I became enamoured with a particular job opportunity.  It was by far the best thing available at the time and we had an in-company contact.  Unfortunately it fell through; we found out that they were interviewing Paul for a management position for which he wasn’t qualified when all along we were looking for the entry-level position.  They really liked him, but didn’t have an opening for him.  I was devastated.  In the years that have followed I have not once fallen in love with a job. 

That is, of course, until last month.  This is a long story, so stay with me if you wish.

Paul’s older brother is part of a band called The Indio Bait.  They are all very talented musicians, but also all successful in their chosen careers.  One day the drummer mentioned to Paul’s brother that they are always looking for good employees.  Mark said, “well, actually, my brother is looking for a job.”  (and I hope that he also mentionned that he frequently calls Paul for professional advice!) 

It took a couple of weeks from the time Paul emailed his resume and cover letter before they were able to connect for a real phone interview.  He said to Paul, “well, we don’t have any HR positions open right now, but I have something else in mind for you.”  He then laid out the description of an executive training program.

At the risk of giving out too many details and jinxing myself, I’ll leave the specifics of the job at that.  Suffice it to say, it ranks as one of Paul’s dream jobs, and for the first time since we entered the professional world, a career instead of a job.  It represents stability and security and fulfillment.  Paul’s contact in the company is fairly high up the scale, but not in charge of hiring.  He is, however, committed enough to seeing Paul join the company that he wants to take Paul around to shmooze the right people.

The only problem was, even he didn’t know when the next round of interviews began.  For all we knew it was September and there’s no way we could last that long.  (Our plan was, get a job, and as soon as we get the better job, dump the interim job.)

It always amazes me how the Lord works.  We don’t get breaks until we truly can’t handle things any more, but our thresholds are often much further than we ever thought.  I never thought I’d have made it this far, but I certainly didn’t think I would make it past today.  It’s possible I would have, but it may not have been pretty.

This morning Paul got an email from someone within the company for whom our contact works.  She will send more information later, but wanted to ensure that Paul was available all day on March 25th for interviews. 

We’re still looking at all the options, applying for all the jobs, but this … this is the job we want.

6 thoughts on “The Audacity of Hope

  1. OOOOOHHHHHHH!!!! I hope so badly for you!! I hope, I hope, I hope!! I’ll try not to get my hopes up too high for you though. 😉 (I hope, I hope, I hope!)

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