Dear March

We were happy to not have a single episode of vomit during the entire month of February. We needed the break. But even though this month has not begun with so much health, you may not, you can not, dampen my spirits. This is a good month. The world is spinning in our direction. We will not be discouraged by minor inconviniences. You will be a good month. We are confident and happy.

I’ll give you this weekend; I’ll skip both parties to which I’ve been invited this weekend (rollerskating, Italian food, karaoke, I’ll pass on you all.) I’ll care for my sick baby. I’ll do what it takes to keep my family well.

March, you may have this weekend, but you may not have my month, and you may not take my spirits.


the Inconquerable Zen Mama

5 thoughts on “Dear March

  1. that March can be such a jerk!

    he can’t make up his mind about winter or spring. IT CONFUSES THE BODIES SYSTEM! BOO!

    hope the little one feels better.

  2. Just remember… march comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. It’s still the beginning of march, so you’re still dealing with the lion. here comes the lamb.

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