I am about to create a beautiful masterpiece.  I am about to pick up a chisel and carve out a masterpiece from the slab of our lives.  We are on the verge of exploding into brilliance.  My husband is about to step into a path of professional fulfillment.  

We are so close, and I can feel it with everything.  When I water my tiny potted plants I tingle with the excitement that I’m going to have a garden and a compost; I can already taste the tomatoes and basil. Everything is coming together.  We have the paperwork turned in for kindergarten for Little Red, and secured his spot in the Italian class.  We are in a good place, emotionally, and have finally embraced California.  We love it here.  Life is good.  Life is about to be great.

Sometimes things need to take a long time.  Sometimes things don’t work out until the final hour. I think such is the case for our extended period of unemployment.  Our time is nigh.  The winds have changed.  The earth is moving.

Wednesday is going to be a long day for me — waiting.  I can already chew my anxiety.  It is hard to sit around at home wondering how things are going during the day-long interview.  Wednesday is a big day of waiting.  But Wednesday is a day that will shift the winds and give us some sort of conclusion.  It is a day that I felt would never come, and now it is nearly here.  

Bring it.  We are ready.

6 thoughts on “Precipice

  1. I can’t wait to hear what happens! We’ll keep you in our prayers 😀

    We got the teddy bear yesterday! Thank you so much!!! it’s adorable! Jenacy’s been carrying it around all day. She named it Nathaniel and can’t wait to give it to him. Our big day moved from tomorrow to Friday (I’ll meet them for a few minutes on Thursday night, but Friday we’ll have all day). I’ve got a stress knot in my stomach! I hope it all goes well!

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