And So We Wait

Yesterday while at Disneyland, Paul received a call from Dave, one of the men with whom he interviewed on Wednesday.  (Incidentally, the one whom Paul was sure was the least likely to be in Team Paul, but a straight shooter and a decent guy nonetheless.)  Dave, hearing the background noise, told Paul to call him in the morning, although Paul insisted he could go somewhere quiet and they could talk right away. 

We did our best to not think of all the scenarios and possible conversations.  We’re getting pretty good at not analyzing things. 

First thing in the morning, Paul called and no one answered.  So 15 minutes later he called again and left a voice mail.  And again an hour later.  When he called again the receptionist checked with Dave, who was in a meeting, and report back to Paul that Dave would call him back.

We have passed the 24 mark from yesterday’s phone call, and we still know nothing.  I have learned that the expanses of patience are more vast than I had ever imagined.  Life goes on, and until we have a job, every day is the same as the day before.

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