The Weekend Began on Wednesday

Supermom awoke on Wednesday morning and decided to go to California for Spring Break.  By the time she called me at noon they were already in Flagstaff.  She and her three children were on the road and on track to make it out to LA in one day, without the help of her husband.  Yes, that’s right, interstate travel with three children and no husband!

They got in late on Wednesday night.  After Paul’s big interview.  After my haircut.  After we put the children to bed.  Before I cleaned the apartment.  (I never did clean my apartment.)

Thursday we adventured around town.

Friday we took them to California Adventure.  It was a wonderful adventure!

Saturday was Boy Blue’s second birthday, and we met up with another music major alum at Newport Beach.  (In our group we had the following instrument groups represented: woodwinds, strings, keyboards, and percussion!) 

Sunday they left for home while we were at church.  Our apartment feels so quiet and empty without them.  It’s a good thing we had Boy Blue’s birthday party (aka: Disneyland) on Monday to distract us!

One thought on “The Weekend Began on Wednesday

  1. We had a really good time visiting you. Thank you for allowing me to spend my spring break with you. My kids might not have otherwise survived to return to school on Monday.

    We miss you already and wish that the positives could have continued into this week as well. I will keep hoping and praying for you and your family and doing whatever else I can to help your family.

    I am NO supermom by the way.

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