Fine Art for Four Year Olds

The Getty Center

South Pavillion (Travertine Walls)

-What do you notice about the stone walls?  Are all of the stones smooth and the same?  Do you know what we call this leaf in the stone?  It’s called a fossil.  This leaf was alive and part of a tree over 8,000 years ago.  How many fossils can you see?

Central Garden

– Wow, look at all of these flowers and bushes!  What are all the colours that you see? Robert Irwin, the man who created these gardens, liked to create bright spots of colour that he called “kicker colors.”  What kicker colors do you see?  How does the water fountain fit into this?  Do you think the kicker colors also help the water stand out?  Close your eyes and take a deep breath — what do you smell?  Is it the flowers, or the water?  Let’s go somewhere else in the garden and see what it smells like over there.

In the Tapestry Room

-Do you see this in the corner?  It’s like a fancy leaf, it’s called fleur de lis.  It’s the symbol of the kings and queens of France.  If you see this, you know the piece is French.  Let’s look at these, they look like carpets hanging on the wall.  Can you find a fleur de lis?  Are all of the tapestries French?

Decorative Furniture

– Look at these pieces of furniture.  They have a lot of detail, they are very ornate.  Look at all of the gold that has been added to the furniture to make it more fancy!  Who do you think would like really fancy furniture?  No, actually, Jesus preferred things that were simple.  What kind of people cared a lot about looking fancy and feeling powerful?  Yes, Kings and Queens.

Family Room

-Do you remember the tube sculpture we saw when we got off the tram?  Here is a picture of it on this wall to make us feel like we are right there again.  Here are some tubes to put in the holes in the wall — can you make your own sculpture?


-Today we saw art in a lot of different ways, through nature, through sculpture, through furniture, through paintings.  As we take the tram down the hill look at the shape of the mountains and the colours of the houses.  Do you see art there, too? 

Going Home

-Did you have fun today?  What was your favourite part?  Isn’t it amazing how many beautiful things there are in the world?  Let’s make something beautiful when we get home.  And let’s definitely plan another trip here!  There are so many things we didn’t have time to see yet!

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