Time Off

Even superheroes take time off from saving the world. I have still to post about last weekend’s excursion but it’ll have to wait. Once I clean out the fridge I think I’m going to take a nap. Happy Saturday!

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Preschool Themes: Weather

To help me deal with the fact that my last preschool buddy is leaving I’ve decided to create weekly preschool themes. I won’t have the benefit of only planning every other week, and the children won’t have the benefit of sharing the table with one of their best friends *snif* but that doesn’t mean they […]

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Field Trip

Little Red just announced that we need to go back to the Bagetty because he lost his mask. Anyone else want to take in some fine art on the Westside?

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Full Circle

We slept reasonably well on Friday night, under the tender care of our French-Swiss nurse, Valerie.  A woman I felt sure would have been my friend even without the need for professional courtesy.  After a night of fluids my little guy had the energy to scream at the vampires who came for a sample to […]

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I Was Hoping For A Virus

If Little Red hadn’t come down for a glass of water at 11pm, we wouldn’t have known until morning that Boy Blue had thrown up. We’re pretty sure it was the vomiting that woke up the older brother, but he was too tired to know what woke him. As we’ve already learned with our little […]

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(note: if you’re looking for the story of our weekend, you’ll have to wait a little more. Tomorrow, hopefully, but I’m not making any promises. Sorry! Things are a bit crazy around here.) As I tucked in Little Red tonight I started to tell him a story. I chose Mater and the Ghostlight and he said he’d prefer […]

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Some Days

When I was pregnant with Boy Blue, and tutoring, my friends took turns babysitting Little Red. I would later take my turn babysitting their little guys. One afternoon Stacey remarked that the boys played so nicely together she actually had time to read a magazine. She may as well have been speaking a foreign language […]

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