When In Rome?

One of the things I like best about Glendale, is the involved role the Fire Department plays in the community. At every city event they are there, letting the children climb into the truck, passing out plastic helmets, smiling. They have an annual pancake breakfast, not as a fundraiser, but as a free event for anyone who passes by. And they participate in Baskin Robbins’ annual 31cent scoop night — and how!

We’ve been before, and it was fun. This year, however, our visit coincided with the corporate photographers and videographers who were documenting the event at various shops.

I’m not sure if the LATimes is going to run the photo submitted, but the photographer was kind enough to bcc me the photo when submitting it to the paper, so I have a copy. I’m fairly sure, however, that the footage of Little Red saying “I love ice cream!” and “I have a chocolate goatee” will make the cut in the internal videos. It almost makes me want to get a job at Baskin Robbins, just to see my kid on tv.

2 thoughts on “When In Rome?

  1. I was SO planning on going, and then on Wednesday I forgot. I really miss B&R, something that just isn’t in our budget. I worked there for almost 3 years and NEVER tired of ice cream.

    I’d love to see those pictures. How fun!

  2. I saw that photo and it’s so cute. How could those photographers not be all over your kids?

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