The Big Kids

On Thursday afternoon the phone rang.  I saw from the caller ID that it was Gloria (the president of the women’s organization to whom I am now secretary.)

“Hello Gloria!” I answered. ” How are you?”

“Oh I’m fine,” she said.  “But I’m in the emergency room.”  She then explained her situation, not life-threatening, but urgent, so I needn’t be concerned, but she would be unable to make it to church on Sunday, and Cathie would also be out, so running the show would be up to Kathy and myself, and would I please teach?

Kathy and I have worked together in primary and are both happy to be working together again.  Of course we’d be happy to help out!  I think we did a great job, with only a couple very minor glitches which is pretty impressive given that it was our first real day “on the job.” 

I taught my lesson provident living (yes, I know.  Don’t worry, that wasn’t lost on me.) based on Elder Hales’ talk from last month.  I had a very short time for my lesson, so at the risk of being too simplistic we made a Venn Diagram on the board and talked about ways to be temporally provident, ways to be spiritually provident, and the things which overlap and git in both categores.

We had a great discussion and the time went by smoothly.  The best part, though, was not the lesson itself, but looking out at all those faces of women whom I have known and loved for years but hardly had the chance to visit.  It felt so good.  I have missed these women, their friendship, their perspectives, their experiences, their wisdom.  It feels so good to be back among them.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve them.


4 thoughts on “The Big Kids

  1. Hey, I’m teaching that same lesson on the 24th! Would love to hear some of you insights! It was a fantastic talk! One of my favorites!

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