Some Days

When I was pregnant with Boy Blue, and tutoring, my friends took turns babysitting Little Red. I would later take my turn babysitting their little guys.

One afternoon Stacey remarked that the boys played so nicely together she actually had time to read a magazine. She may as well have been speaking a foreign language for all I understood. Later, though, I was lucky enough to have such a day, myself — the boys allowed me a moment on the couch of completely unstructured time.

Now that the boys are older I’ve had more moments like that. Now I can do the dishes, or prepare a meal, or work on a lesson, while the children play. There’s never a guarantee, but I can reasonably expect a few moments every day to myself for my own work.

This morning was not such a day, and I recall this memory to keep me going. Every day is different. There is comfort in that.

2 thoughts on “Some Days

  1. I’m glad that you have a few ‘you’ moments! I end up trying to take those moments and getting very frustrated that the kids won’t leave me alone!! Like now, for instance! 😉 I wish you many more moments!

  2. But it will only get better as time progresses and the boys get older. (Doesn’t help you now, I know.)

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