The Healing Power of Old and New

Thursday morning I went to a new (to me) park to meet an old friend. She moved away nearly two years ago and was back for a short trip. Our boys played together as though they had never been apart (not surprising, really, as Little Red still talks about Gilbert nearly every day.) It was a short visit, but it was perfect. She’s one of those friends with whom I never feel the need to explain, and we just pick up every time as though there was no break. She’s one of those friends who, while doing me a favour, always made me feel it was I who was doing her the favour.

The boys had a peaceful naptime, and I even had to wake up Daytime Brother so we could play at the Freemons before his mother got off work. The children’s play was constructive and pleasant. The adult company was as delightful as always.

It was a really good day, exactly what I needed.

On Friday I visited with another friend, one who will be moving soon and whom I will also greatly miss. She introduced me to my new love (Tim Tams) in one of my old loves (peppermint tea.) She asked me about my moral objections to rental properties and listened to my theory on the capitalist subjugation of the modern proletariat. She didn’t blink when Daytime Brother broke her statue, but graciously said, “I got it from my mother-in-law and never really liked it anyway but didn’t know how to get rid of it.” She understood when I talked about my intense need to use baby wipes as infrequently as possible and how it makes me feel so wierd around here, like I’m crazy to not just use them for everything. And she smiled knowingly when I confessed that I told Paul I wanted a composter for my birthday. France is far, and I’m going to miss her.

Again we had a peaceful afternoon during which time all three boys napped and I tried a new recipe. The only flaw to my fantastic Friday was that although I reread the recipe several times I somehow missed reading that the bars needed at least 4 hours in the refrigerator and there was no way they’d be ready in time for soup night.

No worries, we picked up some Hawaiian sweet rolls on our way up the hill and had a wonderful night with old friends and some new friends. It’s hard for me to be outgoing with people I don’t know, but had great conversations with two new friends, including one who is the mother of a girl who will be in Little Red’s Italian class.

We put the boys to bed an hour and a half late, because we stayed late, because we were all having such a great time. They rewarded me by sleeping in until 6:30 (this week they’ve been waking at 5:30.)

Today looks to be another great day.
I am so blessed.

One thought on “The Healing Power of Old and New

  1. I’ve been thinking about getting a worm bin. I have a couple of friends who keep them in their home and they seem pretty cool.

    But I must confess, I love baby wipes and wonder how I ever got along without them.

    Oh, and when Craig gets to the other side, he plans to have few words with the guy who invented apartments.

    I’m glad you had a much-needed relaxing day. 🙂

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