Preschool Themes: Weather

To help me deal with the fact that my last preschool buddy is leaving I’ve decided to create weekly preschool themes. I won’t have the benefit of only planning every other week, and the children won’t have the benefit of sharing the table with one of their best friends *snif* but that doesn’t mean they have to miss out on learning.

Anyway, we’ve totally exhausted the alphabet during the past year and a half and I needed something new.

Last week I taught “Weather” for preschool and we carried it on all week.

We talked about Rain, Rainbows, Snow, Sun, and Wind.

In addition to learning how rain actually works, we sang “Rain, Rain, Go Away”, “It’s Raining, It’s Pooring” and “The Eensy, Weensy Spider.” We also filled up squirt bottles with water and rained on each other.

We talked about the colours of the rainbow, and how they are created. We told the story of Noah and the Ark (and the rainbow.) We saw rainbows in crystal. And, thanks to the brilliant idea of Dana, ate rainbow cookies.

5.20.09 Rainbow cookies SMALL SIZE

We talked about how snow happens when the clouds try to rain and it’s really cold. This was the hardest to explain to our SoCal boys, but we didn’t lack in the fun department: for a snowball fight we through mini marshmallows at each other, and for snacks we ate popcorn. We sang “Once There Was a Snowman” many, many times.

The easiest. We live in LA. Sun is the only weather the boys really know. For this we sang “Mr. Sun” and “You Are My Sunshine.”  For this we did a dot-to-dot.

Blowing through straws we were able to talk about the power of wind. Wind on water, wind on paper, wind in your hair, the boys really enjoyed running around being windy.

We also identified weather in the books that we read. Some that worked especially well were:

“Chicky Chicky Chook Chook” by Cathy MacLennan
“Come By Chance” by Madeleine Winch
“Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening” by Robert Frost, illustrated by Susan Jeffers
“Sylvester and the Magic Pebble” by William Steig
“You Can’t Go To School Naked!” by Dianne Billstrom, illustrated by Don Kilpatrick III

There are so many more, those are just a few from our bookshelf.

This theme would lend itself well to a theme on seasons, which I chose to forgo for the time being as it’s just too abstract for our little guys right now! (haha)

2 thoughts on “Preschool Themes: Weather

  1. What fun ideas! You are a great teacher! I have been working with K one on one with some pre-school stuff, but I’m horrible at thinking of fun things! Good for you! Feel free to keep sharing your fab ideas! 🙂

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