Lessons Learned

Today Little Red learned that even after you stomp it with your shoe, you should not pick up a bee. Today I learned that Little Red is not allergic to bee stings!

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A Tribute to the Bassinet

When we moved to California, pregnant and practically penniless, I was overcome with gratitude when Lisa offered to lend us her bassinet.  I didn’t care the condition, I was just grateful to have something more than a laundry basket for our new baby.  I was very pleased when we picked it up to see it […]

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Monkey Boy

Turns out the little guy can climb out of his crib.  This afternoon was the first time he did so as far as I know, but he did so quickly and without falling.  I suspect that after we put the boys to bed at night Little Red climbs in and out of the crib, and […]

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Time Management

Paul’s passport is not in my “folder of important things.” Unlike when things usually go missing, I do not have that sick sensation of wrong in the pit of my stomac. I am strangely calm. I’ve done a lot of cleaning and organizing in the past 20 hours since the discovery. I have even whittled […]

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The Uphill Climb

We all have them, and we all use them, but the problem with coping mechanisms is that they can so easily become crutches. What begins with one small indulgence in the afternoon of a very long day quickly becomes a ritual, and a necessity.  The next thing you know, you’re twenty pounds heavier and no […]

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The tests are done, for now. Some of the bloodwork indicated something unusual in the liver, but Dr. Kim was quick to assure us this is no time to panic. The abdominal ultrasound showed no malformations or blockages. The antibody test was negative for celiac. We aren’t going to bother with the Upper GI. We […]

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If Music Be the Food Of Gods …

Last Sunday I played a solo in church. It felt good to be practicing again, and it felt good to play.  I like myself better when I’m playing; my posture is better, my mood is better, my outlook is brighter.  I organize my time better, and I make clearer priorities.  I am able to reconnect with the […]

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This, The Longest Year

On June 15th, 2004, we pulled out of town and left Virginia.  After saying goodbye to our neighbours, and leaving my beloved anthurium with Kristi, we drove out to Bacova where I administered a test for the boy whom I had been tutoring.  We said good-bye to his family, and left the state. The Pistons […]

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Summer Fun

AMC Summer Movie Camp Children’s movies on Wednesday mornings for $1 (yes — ONE DOLLAR!) Check the website for the schedule and to find a participating theatre near you.  At those prices, even I will be taking in a movie this summer! Wading Pools Beginning June 29th and going through August 14th, the wading pools […]

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