Christmas in May

Coming out this winter is Disney’s new movie, A Christmas Carol.  To kick off their promotional tour, they started in Los Angeles over Memorial weekend with a train all decked-out for the movie. 

We went to Union Station on Saturday, but so late in the afternoon that the line was much too long.  So first thing Monday morning we trekked down south a bit, hopped on the metro, and took the train in.  I am a huge fan of transit, but this was my first time taking Metro in Los Angeles because we live in a deadzone between viable options.  (There is Metrolink and Amtrak, but they are cost-prohibitive.)  The boys were so excited to take the train!  I forsee more Metro trips in our future.

The event was scheduled to begin at 10am, and when we arrived at 9:15 the wait time was already an hour and a half (and that’s with the line moving!  Some very smart person made the decision to open early.)  An hour and a half would normally not be okay with us, but it was a Disney event, so we were well entertained.

To get us into the spirit they had the snow machines going.

5.25.09_7 (snow in May) SMALL SIZE

They had activity tables where the children could draw and get movie-themed temporary tatoos.

5.25.09_8 SMALL SIZE5.25.09_9 SMALL SIZE








They also had live entertainment.

5.25.09_13 SMALL SIZE5.25.09_14 SMALL SIZE5.25.09_12 SMALL SIZE

Disney has waiting in line down to an art. 

It wasn’t long (well, an hour and a half…) before we were able to board the train.

5.25.09_11 SMALL SIZE

Inside the train was a museum to the filmaking; they had costumes, photos, Dickens-era books, and even a whole room dedicated to motion-capture filmaking.  The entire movie was made with “mocap.”  Here the boys are looking at the old books and you can see Jim Carrey on the wall.

5.25.09_17 SMALL SIZE

Finally, before we left, they had booths wherein they took a photo of each of us and morphed it into the faces of some of the characters in the movie.  I know I don’t like to post face pictures online, but here you have the Zen Family: Scrooge Parents and Tiny Children.  (Paul’s is a little munched because he had a hard time staying still for the photo while juggling children.  I had no such problem because I was not trying to juggle children!)

Scrooge Paul SMALL SIZEScrooge Heather SMALL SIZE

  Tiny Reed SMALL FILE


 When we finished the train tour we saw an extended preview of the movie in 3-D and while I normally hate 3D, this new technology actually worked for me.  It was awesome.  This movie is a beautiful piece of art and I look forward to seeing it when it comes out! 

If the train comes your way, go early, but go see it!

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