Preschool Themes: Sound

Last week I decided to dive into the five senses. I thought one a week would be a great way to keep us busy for a while. We started with the sense of hearing.

Quiet Contest: every once in a while I’d declare a quiet contest. The more quiet we were, the more we heard. With the patio door open we could clearly hear the freeway, the trucks, the helicopters, and the sirens of emergency vehicles. Sometimes we can hear people in the garage below us.

Trains, Planes, and Automobiles: our metro trip was a great way to start this week’s theme. As we waited for the train to come, we could hear it before we saw it. This welcomed a discussion about other things that we hear before we see: sirens for emergency vehicles, planes, helicopters, animals . . .

The Sounds of Our Neighbourhood: we went for walks and turned them into sound scavenger hunts. Turns out, we’ve got a lot of birds hanging around! They’re a whole lot louder than the dogs.

What Does Your Food Have to Say?: as we ate our snacks we talked about the kinds of sounds the food makes. Carrots, apples, raisins, everything has a different sound. As we ate, we talked about the different noises. I was amazed at the vocabulary the boys were using to explain how the crunch of a carrot is different than the crunch of an apple.

Can You Hear Me Now?: what sound lesson would be complete without a jam session? Bongos, bells, maracas, kazoos, harmonica, recorder . . . and for ten minutes our smoke alarm chimed in (even though there was no smoke and no one was even cooking.)

One thought on “Preschool Themes: Sound

  1. Funny about the smoke alarm, but it fit the theme well. I would have loved to hear the food discussion. Sounds like fun! (Oh, pun not intended.)

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