This, The Longest Year

On June 15th, 2004, we pulled out of town and left Virginia.  After saying goodbye to our neighbours, and leaving my beloved anthurium with Kristi, we drove out to Bacova where I administered a test for the boy whom I had been tutoring.  We said good-bye to his family, and left the state.

The Pistons won the championship against the Lakers and we watched the exciting game from our hotel in Tennessee.  We considered it a blessed omen. 

(We didn’t know, but on that day Little Red’s betrothed, Kyra, was born.)

We travelled along I-40 the following day, spending the night in OKC.  We spent the next night in Flagstaff.

Five years ago today we entered California for our one-year stint, full of optimism and promise and dreams.  Five years ago today.


6 thoughts on “This, The Longest Year

  1. well, on the bright side, that would make you 4 years younger. (yeah, it’s twisted logic but go twisted or go home!)

  2. My husband can relate. His five year plan to be in Southern California is about to celebrate 20 years. (Although, I don’t think “celebrate” is the word he would use) But when he is feeling depressed over this, I remind him that he wouldn’t have met me if he had left after 5. Now, while you brought your honey with you, there is probably something else that had you left after 1 year, you would have missed.

    I, for one, am glad you are still around. 🙂

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