The tests are done, for now. Some of the bloodwork indicated something unusual in the liver, but Dr. Kim was quick to assure us this is no time to panic. The abdominal ultrasound showed no malformations or blockages. The antibody test was negative for celiac. We aren’t going to bother with the Upper GI.

We are instructed to continue with the instant breakfast and check in with Dr. Kim in three months, unless we have another episode. We can schedule a weigh-in with the nurse’s clinic any time we want, to monitor his weight gain.

The news is that we don’t have any news. As with every other aspect of our lives, I’m sure we’re fine but I don’t have any proof.  Things could be a lot worse, and we are blessed despite the uncertainty.

4 thoughts on “GastroUpdate

  1. i am so sorry you guys are left again without answers. i don’t even know what to say. i think about you constantly. that’s not much. it’s all i got. 😦

  2. I think getting we think everything’s fine until something else happens answers, are the worst kind of answers out there. At least it’s not celiac! Your family will remain in our prayers.

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