The Uphill Climb

We all have them, and we all use them, but the problem with coping mechanisms is that they can so easily become crutches. What begins with one small indulgence in the afternoon of a very long day quickly becomes a ritual, and a necessity.  The next thing you know, you’re twenty pounds heavier and no better off emotionally than you were before.

Okay, so not all coping mechanisms are food, but whatever it is we lean on to get us through tough times can so easily become another stumbling block. Instead of dealing with the children’s difficult behaviour, how many of us white-knuckle it through thinking “they’re just tired, it’ll be better tomorrow” and suddenly realize we’ve justified the past three months of bad behaviour and the behaviours are escalating? We’ve paralyzed our own parenting instead of evolving with the children’s needs.

I’m so sick of coping mechanisms. I’m so sick of not being on top of things. Yes, we’re going through a difficult time right now, but coping mechanisms are supposed to be short-term, and we’ve been at this for eight and a half months. It’s time for the bad behaviour (from all of us) to stop. There is no excuse.

I’m trying to exercise more. I’m trying to use that as my outlet. Unfortunately my yoga sessions happen in the same room as my children. How medidative can I be in a difficult pose when I’m mediating a toy battle? I’m supposed to finish tired, but not angry and defeated.

I have so much work to do.

One thought on “The Uphill Climb

  1. I sooooooo know what you mean. I was doing really great losing weight before Nathaniel came. Now I’ve gained it all back…and some. What can I say. Gotta keep sanity somehow sometimes. Life seems to be getting to some sort of normal here though (funny that I can call living back and forth at hotels and all our chaos “normal”). I reeeaaaallly plan on exercising more too. Especially this next week cuz I think I’ll actually be home for a few days of it. We’ll work out together in spirit 😀

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