TipToeing through the Cabbage Patch

6 thoughts on “TipToeing through the Cabbage Patch

  1. Don’t worry. I haven’t been emotional, however I still managed to gain 20lbs also. What is my excuse??

    It’s sympathy weight, and I really appreciate it!!

  2. haha! I’m so with ya! I keep saying that I need to stop the stress snacking….as I go get another bowl full of something unhealthy…

    Glad you’re back on the blog. Missed ya 🙂

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one in this mess!
    I’ve always been here, it’s just that my thoughts have not been fit for public consumption.

  3. I don’t write very often anymore because I don’t want to always be the negative one! I’ve done the stress weight thing…maybe when my life gets unstressful, I’ll be super skinny…ya right!!

    I think about you a lot! You’re in my prayers!

  4. Ask Little Red, I’m sure he has an answer to where the baby is. Also, I would have gained WAAAYYYY more than 20 lbs. I think you should congratulate yourself that it was only 20.

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