Solutions from a 4-year old

Little Red told me yesterday afternoon he was going to give Daddy all the pennies in his piggy bank. Then Daddy will have money and won’t have to look for a job anymore.

After I explained to him that we wanted him to keep his savings, and that Daddy needed a job, Little Red decided to pool all of his friends about their fathers’ jobs. “If any of them have two jobs I will ask them to share one with my Daddy.”

4 thoughts on “Solutions from a 4-year old

  1. A lot of times I ***hate*** that my kids have to even think about worrisome things like that. We’ve had piggy banks left on our bed before too.

    And then sometimes when one of them says something profound, or finds plausible-enough ways to solve problems that are far beyond their years, I’m at least a tiny bit grateful for the wisdom that hardship teaches.

    (now speed these trials up so they can go back to just being kids!)

  2. what a little problem solver.

    Jobs are scarce up here now too. Almost all the people in my running group have a spouse out of work. Some even as long as 8 months, with no bites. The depression is starting to set in. Its hard to watch.

    Sending good vibes out to you. Just think how much stronger you will be when you come out of this.

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