The Old Me

Somewhere along the timeline of the past ten months I changed.  I didn’t notice it because I was distracted by all the things that needed my attention, but it was probably exactly those things that changed me.  I thought that I was mostly keeping things together, but the other day as I walked to the […]

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Red’s Head

March 19 “Mummy, I was in Salt Lake City when I was born. Then I crawled into Los Angeles and that is the city where I am now.” (note: he has never even been to Utah, but that’s where his friends move when they leave California.  He was born in Glendale.) March 31 “Robin Hood […]

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Coming Soon

More posts. I promise. I have a lot to say, it’s just that turning on the computer is the best way to incite a reenactment of Lord of the Flies.

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