Red’s Head

March 19
“Mummy, I was in Salt Lake City when I was born. Then I crawled into Los Angeles and that is the city where I am now.” (note: he has never even been to Utah, but that’s where his friends move when they leave California.  He was born in Glendale.)

March 31
“Robin Hood and Peter Pan look an awful lot alike!”

April 1
“Every day when I didn’t know Playhouse Disney was on, I got distracted by all the other Boys’ Shows.”

April 3
“Mummy, my energy’s not letting me sleep anymore. My energy ran away with my sleeping power.”

April 15
“Mummy, when I grow up I’m going to be a Crayola seller. And I’ll have a store shaped like a Crayon!”

June 1
“Mummy, I see a decayed banana under the futon!”
“I’ll tell you how I found the decayed banana. I was looking under the futon and saw something that I thought looked like poo. And I followed it and saw it was a decayed banana. So I picked it up and showed you and put it in the trash.”

June 11
about the old scratch on his ankle, “Mummy, I have a teeth mark from Buster the Ghost dog.”

July 10
“‘Daddy, I haven’t worn this shirt for like 20 years.”
“I hope my facebook shirt still fits.”

July 15
“[Boy Blue] when you were a baby you really wanted to get out of that tummy, didn’t you? You were born in a hospital. When you were born I told Mummy “get better Mummy.” and I told you “hi brother.” When you were a baby you were up with Heavenly Father.”

August 12
standing in front of the mirror with his shirt off, “Mummy, I think I’m getting muscles.”

August 17
“Mummy, didn’t I comb my hair nicely? Yeah, they should put me on the news.”

“This is for you from [Boy Blue].” I open the box and it is empty. “It’s love.”

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