Putting It To The Cosmos

(I’m trying to speak up for myself more, and express my needs and wants.)

  Universe, are you listening?

I need to spend less money on my housing. I realize that for what I’m getting I’m paying market value, and I am grateful for all the positives this place has provided over the past five years. But it has been five years of never feeling like we really have our feet underneath us. Paul has a good job, Little Red is starting school, and we have accepted that we live here, rather than are just vagabonds passing through. At some point we would like to buy. In anticipation of that we would like to lower our housing payments.

Our landlords have a “grass is always greener” mentality when it comes to tenants. No matter how good the current tenants are, they have no problems with letting people go because they’re convinced that new tenants are always better than old ones. That said, we’re quite sure they won’t negotiate with us for a lower payment.  We have opened the lines of communication and remain hopefull that they will reconsider the effort it takes to turn an apartment around.

I’m willing to give up many of the amenities I currently enjoy if it means I can lower my rent to $1300 or less (less would be great!) Central air is not a necessity so long as the wall units work and exist in the bedrooms. Laundry in unit doesn’t matter so long as there’s laundry on the property. Dishwasher? I wash most of my dishes by hand anyway. Parking? At least one dedicated spot would be nice, but so long as there’s room on the street I’m not too picky. Controlled access building? I frankly hate it, and would prefer to not have one. Size doesn’t matter so long as it has two bedrooms (read: I’m very open to backhouses.)

Musts: must be nearish to where we currently live as my job is contingent on proximity.  Must be clean.

We have started looking and have definitely found some good possibilities that fit our parameters (and as an added bonus, each unit we toured has had more storage than our current place!) Also in our search we have stumbled across some great condos for sale in our price range. We haven’t yet met with a lending agent to find out if our stint of unemployment (although we continued to pay all of our bills on time) makes us inelligible at this time for a loan.

So there you have it, world. I will continue to look around, doing my part, and I ask that you do the same.

Thank you in advance.


3 Responses to Putting It To The Cosmos

  1. aprilmommy says:

    If you are really looking to buy a condo, research the $8000 that the government is giving away till November! It has SH and I pretty excited…

    I know! It’s really got us thinking.
    So you guys are buying? We need details you big tease!

  2. aprilmommy says:

    Lol, I wasn’t trying to tease 😉 Mostly, we are looking in Kanab. Still not sure if we can afford anything, but the $8000 is almost too much to pass up!

  3. Kelly says:

    good luck with the search for somewhere new to live! I can’t believe that Dan and Eva keep raising the rent! Have they done that every year? CRAZY!! I want to know what you find!

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