Hand-Me-Down Halloween

Not homemade this year, but I’m okay with that. Boy Blue said he wanted to be Mickey Mouse, and Little Red said he wanted to be Spiderman. Their cousins had both costumes. I’m more relieved than I thought I would be at not making costumes this year. (But I’ll almost certainly be making something again […]

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Why does paying bills have to be such an ugly affair? Why can’t children nap? Why can’t people follow budgets? Why is Boy Blue crying? oh, well I can answer that last one for you. Because Daytime Brother bit him. Why did Daytime Brother bite him? (or rather, how?) Well, Boy Blue was in the […]

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Talking about Little Red’s schools is going to take many, many posts.  I hardly know where to start.  I had so much anxiety about starting, and was more ready to pull out than to go through with it come the first day of school. But when I prayed I knew it was the right decision […]


The Mystery of the Rock

Last week Little Red burst into tears, despondant over his favourite rock that he insisted Miss Andrea had flushed down our toilet.  He told the exact same story a couple of times over the next few days with such clarity of recollection, but it baffled us because no part of Andrea flushing a rock down […]

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An August Photoblog

We went to Vancouver to visit my Dad. We went to my favourite childhood beach, Kitsilano. After returning to California we took a day trip to Santa Barbara. We spent a day at LACMA, and I took the boys to see “Choo Choo Soul” where we were reminded that vegetables give you powers like a […]

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You had better fix this soon. That is all. For now. I’ll be back if you continue to give us the runaround instead of just admiting that someone made a mistake.

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