Hand-Me-Down Halloween

September 24, 2009

Not homemade this year, but I’m okay with that. Boy Blue said he wanted to be Mickey Mouse, and Little Red said he wanted to be Spiderman. Their cousins had both costumes. I’m more relieved than I thought I would be at not making costumes this year. (But I’ll almost certainly be making something again next year.)

This year, with my position as secretary in the women’s organization (Relief Society), and my up-and-coming fundraising activities for the PTA, and my day job, and the extra babysitting I’m doing, and the housekeeping I do, and running my sometimesbusiness, oh, and my household… I’m okay with not making costumes.

Next year, however, I’ll plan further in advance. I’m already cringing a little at the idea that someone else could be wearing the same costume as one of the boys.



September 22, 2009

Why does paying bills have to be such an ugly affair?
Why can’t children nap?
Why can’t people follow budgets?
Why is Boy Blue crying?

oh, well I can answer that last one for you.
Because Daytime Brother bit him.

Why did Daytime Brother bite him? (or rather, how?)
Well, Boy Blue was in the crib with him.
Why was Boy Blue in the crib with him?

Why indeed.

Why indeed.

I’m ready to start swearing in British. Between the internet outage for most of the day, trying to pay bills, and this naptime charade, I am at the end.

Bloody (insert random words here) @#)$(&#$^%*(!)#$)!@(#%&*#$%^*&@!)#($*


September 21, 2009

Talking about Little Red’s schools is going to take many, many posts.  I hardly know where to start.  I had so much anxiety about starting, and was more ready to pull out than to go through with it come the first day of school.

But when I prayed I knew it was the right decision for right now.  And every day that I drop him off and pick him up I get another confirmation that I made the right decision.  We have had a lot of opposition regarding this decision, and many people have taken it very personally.  I am so grateful to know, ever day, that I made the right decision.  That’s all that matters.

It’s a school that treats every child as gifted, instead of using enriching materials only for those who have tested as gifted.  It’s a school that supports a real feeling of community.  It’s a school immune from so much of the political nonsense in the district.  It’s a school where you can tell the teachers and staff really love their jobs and love being there.

It’s a small school in a lower-income neighbourhood.  We don’t have the same funding as larger schools or those in more affluent communities.  Fortunately, Care2.com, greatschools.net, and Target have teamed up to give one deserving school $20,000!  Please vote for our school and ask all your friends and family members to do the same — anyone over 13 can vote!

 America's Favorite School Contest - help your school win $20,000 - vote today!

Vote early.  Vote often.  Thank you.

The Mystery of the Rock

September 17, 2009

Last week Little Red burst into tears, despondant over his favourite rock that he insisted Miss Andrea had flushed down our toilet.  He told the exact same story a couple of times over the next few days with such clarity of recollection, but it baffled us because no part of Andrea flushing a rock down our toilet made sense.

I asked her about it, and we had a good chuckle, but neither of us could figure out where this story originated and concluded it must have been a very vivid dream.  Little Red insisted it happened, and politely but firmly said, “you just don’t remember, Miss Andrea.”

This morning she suddenly remembered the events from so long ago that must surely have led to his allegations.  Back when Jack was potty training (we think it was about a year and a half ago?  It seems like ancient history,) she was babysitting over at our place and taking Jack for frequent potty trips.  On one such trip he remarked about the discolourations at the bottom of the bowl said they were rocks.  She explained that they were not, and flushed the toilet to show him that they were not, indeed, rocks.

At that very moment Little Red came running over to the powder room and said, “you flushed my rocks??!”

Turns out he was correct on Tuesday with his allegations that she just didn’t remember…

An August Photoblog

September 12, 2009

We went to Vancouver

Tree in tree
to visit my Dad.

Barry and Kelly's suspension bridge
We went to my favourite childhood beach, Kitsilano.

8.3.09_9 SMALL FILE
Kitsilano Beach

After returning to California we took a day trip to Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara

We spent a day at LACMA,

Vertical Lines at LACMA

and I took the boys to see “Choo Choo Soul

Choo Choo Soul
where we were reminded that vegetables give you powers like a super hero.

Choo Choo Soul

Finally, on the last day of the month, Little Red was supposed to have his first day of school. Unfortunately, due to the raging fires and unsafe air quality, school was postponed. We took our children to the Science Center and let them play in a safer environment. Below, Little Red and Boy Blue are in the Science Center modelling what I think should have been the first day of school outfits.

This is not the first-day-of-school photo


September 1, 2009

You had better fix this soon.
That is all. For now. I’ll be back if you continue to give us the runaround instead of just admiting that someone made a mistake.